Kamyar Salahi

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Hi, I’m Kamyar Salahi, a high school programmer from Los Angeles.

I’m a senior at La Canada High School, but my programming experience goes back seven years, when I first began developing 3D and 2D games to document my elementary school experience. I’ve been fascinated by EECS since childhood, often building my own circuits, hacking into various gadgets, and programming applications for mathematical computation as well as personal use.

Throughout my highschool career, I have worked to promote the use of technology within my community as well as develop real-life practical experience. For most of my high school, I've led the LCHS Hack Club, which is involved hackathon preparation and coding projects. Our club is currently working to start Hackademia, SoCal's First High School Hackathon. Over the summer, I helped develop a summer camp for students to develop a mobile app focused on using technology to improve the high school experience. I have also interned at UCLA’s I2BL and worked with MIT on Project Selene and KitCube.

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Work Experience

MIT Project Selene Avionics Lead
Jan 2016 - Jan 2017
MIT FLARE Avionics
Jan 2017 - Oct 2017
Hack Club Founder and President
January 2015 - Present
YMCA Technology Advisor
Mar 2017 - Present
Spartan Connect Lead Developer
Jun 2017 - Present
UCLA Research Assistant
Jun 2017 - Present
Hackademia Founder and Executive Director
Jun 2017 - Present